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Which Petrol Defender

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TBH, the 2.5l is slow (~80BHP or thereabouts?), and very very thirsty (<20mpg) whereas a V8 is at least fast, and gives similar mpg.

My 2.25l series running road bias tyres only gets 17mpg, with a long journey, I am sure a V8 would get a similar figure if fitted in the same vehicle, especially megasquirted, as I get 15mpg towing with my 2.5t Range Rover!

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Very few people bore out a V8, far easier & cheaper to just buy one the right size and drop it in. Also well worth looking at Megasquirt'n'EDIS as this will make a massive difference, especially if yours arrives with carbs & dizzy.

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nar - sod the rubbish rover V8 (flame proof coat on)

its old, antiquated and not particularly powerful.

if you really must chuck a petrol engine in it, at least put something in that was designed a bit later than the end of ww2. There's a cracking thread on here somewhere about an audi v8 being fitted. Or go with originality and put a bmw in 2.5 straight 6 (south african spec defenders had them).

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Thanks to all for your valuable comments (and time). To be honest, I doubt I'll go for a fire breathing monster (the wife's more than enough of that :rolleyes: ). I was gonna go for a diesel originally, so I'll probably stick with a bog standard V8. Despite the "engine bun fight" going on, the old V8 was/is a reliable old lump and parts for it are cheap and easy to find (unlike the wife). I don't even want to discuss knocking big ends. Ooops, too far.

Thanks again. Now to the classifieds to have a good nosey around at what's available.

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I changed the 2.25 petrol in my 90 for a 3.5 and the difference is great- merging onto motorways and dual carriageways is not a suicide mission anymore. However I reckon that you may as well go for a 3.9 while you are at it (I was given a mint 3.5 free of charge so went with that).

Having run both engines on LPG the difference in consumption is pretty negligible.

I drive into the LEZ everyday! :D

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