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I know It sounds like a Sin!

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I had a 1999 Double Cab (body parts only) shipped over and am going to drop it on a 1983 frame with a 200tdi. My question is which harness would work best with this setup as I want to get rid of the overly complicated harness that supported the ECU's and all the other stuff unnecessary for a much simpler 200tdi setup. It appears I have an early TD5 setup as it still has the old Dash setup.


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It is possible to use the td5 loom, I have a 2.8 trooper engine working with a 02+ td5 loom.(Im still rebuilding the lr but the engine starts-runs and stops as it should) You need to use a relay to bypass the ecu and provide an ign - to make everything work. You will need to run new wiring for the glow plug timer relay.You may also need another relay to supply a + supply to the injector pump. You will have a bundle of extra wiring for abs/injectors/sensors you wont need, you can remove them from the loom or tape them up.

You will have a better connectors on the td5 loom than the 200/300 bullet connectors.

You can buy the male connector from the ecu to connect to the main loom.


I modified the engine loom so the main loom is unmodified. Send me a pm If i can help any further on this


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