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Rotoflex and the centralizing peg BUSHING???


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far as I can tell from the parts diagram, the bushes are parallel so it shouldn't matter which way you insert them into the rubber joint, the diagram only shows the joint with pre-fitted bushes & does not list the bushes as seperate parts.

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This particular bush is "handed"... one end has a flat rubber face and the other end has a recess and spring around the inner sleve, exactly like an oil seal. The ONLY workshop manual with a semi decent description is the DII manual (section 47-5) but even that has a lame pic with a somewhat easily misread description. I looked all through my RRC, DI and DII books and this is the "best" description I was able to find... what do you interpret this to mean?

"Fit spigot bush to LRT-47-001/2 ensure spigot bush sealing ring is facing driving flange on service tool."

Does this mean the sealing ring end is facing the pinion driving flange (facing aft) OR the sealing ring end faces the driving flange of the tool itself... as if one were "driving" a nail you could say the driving face is the flat of the hammer... ya know.

See the attached page...

Maybe I'm just being a moron here but anyone with a better understanding of the workshop meaning or first hand experience who can help solve my little mystery gets a free pint next time you visit Disney World!!

propshaft bush.pdf

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