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Noise when cornering hard

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Dear all,

The 90s developed a god awful noise from the N/S/R when corner hard and sometimes at slow speeds. I can only describe it as if some one is pulling a spring to it's maximum length or a golf ball rolling across the roof would be better. I've looked underneath and cant see anything obvious. Any suggestions!!!!!!


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Check that the exhaust hangers are all OK: if the hangers get 'tired' and let the silencer/pipes move about they can foul the chassis under cornering and kick up a hell of a racket.

mine are doing this at the moment, they are cracked and there is a lot of movement.

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The noise is only heard when turning left. it is now heard at all speed and when going over minor lumps and bump or over small spot holes!!!!

Exhaust hangers are OK. All rubber joint, bushes etc checked OK. Wheel bearings are OK. No Running std suspension so no cones to worry about. spoke to a tech at my station who said that it might be the A/R/B links!!!

Has any one had to replace these? If so what were your reasons for doing so apart from any obvious breaks or hanging off!!!


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