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converting to straight veg oil

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i have a 110/300tdi and am wanting to start running svo. i know that i have to pre-heat the oil to avoid causing damage, so am looking a twin tank system to keep my options open. are there any thoughts on:

[*]which system or heater to purchase

[*]to channel heat into the cab first thing in the morning and warm the engine up at the same time before i set off

[*]a system that i don't have to plug into the mains but would run of the battery

[*]one that is fitted with a timer

i know there are few requirements but all thoughts welcome


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I have a 'Kats' preheater from the good ole USA on my 110 220 tdi. It runs off the mains via a timer - plug it in at night, nice and warm before work! As most preheaters are 1500 -2000W running one off your battery a) will take ages to heat and b) won't leave you with a lot power to start the engine with. The preheater heats the fuel filter then the heater matrix, heater hoses are insulated. Hope this helps!

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