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Windsreen replacement


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Or you could go to your local glazing company and get them to cut one out of 6mm laminated glass, and fit it yourself-there is a link on here somewhere that i can't seem to find at the mo, My last one cost me the princely sum of £43.00 and took me about 45 minutes to do as i was being careful with it. biggrin.gif

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Have you ever been asked if you had a windscreen replace, I havent and my disco had three it didn't affect mine. If you had three in the same year it might be a little iffy.

I had a result we changed the screen on a 110 and when asked if it was heated we said yes and then when fitted I bought a wiring kit and now my 1991 110 has a heated screen. (the misses checked and there was no extra charge)

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Just had mine done yesterday through the NFU.

Next day service by Autoglass.

The policy states "Claims for the following will not affect your no claims discount::

b) repairing or replacing broken glass in the car's windscreen, windows, or sunroof......"




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Though strictly speaking I think you should have an 'e' mark on the screen.


They did etch it with some kind of mark-I'm not anywhere near the truck at the mo to take a look at what they etched into it

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on my insurance i just pay the excess, weather its stone chip repair or replacement, and it dont count as a claim, worth checking your insurance tho as glass cover may or may not be included and if it is the excess due.


That sounds good, who are you insured with if you don't mind me asking.

Every insurer I have been with say it doesn't effect your NCB but sure as hell can effect the renewal premium!!! A windscreen claim is a claim....it costs the insurer money..... so if you change insurer, you are required to disclose it to the new one.

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