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help front head lights wont work

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just put my defender front end back together as i have had it resprayed, the front lights wont work, the side lights work. there is live to the switch and live out of the switch on side light and on dip but still no lights are there eney relays in the dash

and the fuses are all new i have checked the fuses with a test light as and when you switch the lights on and allis good thanks wib

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dim dip unit is the black box behind the instrument pack, 2 screws secure it & to get access to them for removal means removing the dash top padded rail, or leave it in place & disconnect the plug from it & secure the plug safely, so it canot get caught up anywhere.

by disconnecting the plug, normal side/dip beam will work as normal, the vehicle will not fail the MOT, as dim dip requirements was removed from UK vehicle lighting regs.

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