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4 bolt PAS box

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Those that frequent the series forum will have noticed that I've undertaken fitting PAS to my series.

She's been out today after being fully put back together and she's running really well. :)

However, while wiggling the input shaft the the box, I noticed that the drop arm isn't just moving left/right (as it should), but also up/down. Closer inspection shows that the bottom end of the sector shaft is wiggling about a bit - a little like a loose bearing. :blink:

History: I had a stripped bleed nipple in the box top, so removed the top plate on the box to drill/tap for an M12 bolt that has sealed it nicely. On refitting, I set up the sector shaft tightness just on the limit of removing backlash.

What can I do to rectify this? I've had a gander through the workshop manual, but I can't see what I can adjust/replace to remove this free play...or indeed why it should exist in the first place!

(It also explains the rather large leak from the bottom oil seal :ph34r: )

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If the shaft is moving up and down then the adjustor on the top isn't set correctly.

If the shaft is moving side to side in the bushes then I'm afraid it's worn out, hence the oil leak.

There are some Perkins little end bushes you can use to re bush the housing. The problem is the shaft is usually rusty where the seal runs and the new seal doesn't last long.

Sounds like you need a new steering box. :(

I've got a couple of bushes spare if you fancy having a go at fixing yours?

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