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200tdi overheating

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A friends 90 is overheating having just had a 200tdi disco engine fitted.

Put a new thermostat in & checked all the pipes allow water to circulate ok today but its still getting bloody warm.

Im only familiar with v8's so haven't a clue with this!! :ph34r:

He is coming round tomorrow so if anyone has the 'top 5' things to check?? Or a point in the right direction that'd be grand!

Thanks in advance....

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Heres my 2 pence worth:

The temp gauge and sender need to be matched. if its a defender temp gauge then you need a defender sender or just fit an aftermarket one that has a reading in celsuis not the usual landrover vagueness :rolleyes: .

Testing water pump is easy take off the elbow hose from top of the pump, remove stop solenoid and then spin engine and observe the fountain.

and it should be top hose hot, bottom hose cold i think.

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