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LR RR 4 bolt Drop arm removing tool

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With new 330 Amp Mig a Coming and finding some daft (even by my standards) thick metal Plate / rod / angle :) in

the tidyup, and having the fab bug at the moment, I have been thinking of a proper strong Drop Arm, PAS Box removal

tool fab time :)

Anyone got pics or links to the proper LR special tools bit of kitty £S thingy please ?



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The most effective one I've seen had obviously been custom made and was being used in a main dealer.

I'll have a go at drawing it but -

Imagine a thick-walled tube tapped to take a hydraulic puller cylinder. In the other end a groove machined internally and a U shaped notch taken out of the end. The notch allows it to be slid around the drop arm with the ears engaging in the slot.

It managed to remove a drop arm which had broken the official Land Rover drop arm remover. I've always meant to make one - but never had to remove another drop arm!

Sorry it doesn't involve any welding - but you'll get lots of practice at deep hole machine threading on your lathe!


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A friend of mine has the snap-on puller listed above by fozsug. It makes light work of it and had a drop arm that I'd been beating for hours with various hammers off in just a couple of minutes.

There are some jobs, not many admittedly, where a hammer, however big and beautifully crafted is not the tool for the job :lol:

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This is the tool we use! Far better than the Land rover special tool!

Not cheap but this puller works and will take alot of abuse! We remove around 500 arms per year from boxs! (for one large customer) and this tool has been with us for 5 years+ and still going strong!


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