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Possible Scam ?


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Hello all,

Below is a copy of a email replay to an advert on Mugtree for a LR advertised for far less than list price. The advert also said it had originated from Autotrader.

Whilst the ad looked good it was at least £7000 less than anyone else selling one similar.

Gmail chucked this guys 1st email with loads more photo's of the vehicle into spam box - so probably knew more than me about these email accounts they use.

Hi again,

As you can see, I am selling it at a low price but it has nothing to do with the it's condition. I've lowered the price because I'm in desperate need of cash and I am looking for a fast sale. Everything is in perfect working condition, all documents are in order, full service history, 5 months of mot and tax.

I have to tell you that I'm currently out of town so viewing isn't an option. I will get somebody to bring it to you if you decide to buy it but we have to close the deal through Google Checkout. If you are not aware of this program you should know that it will allow you to drive and inspect it before paying me. You will have a 5-day inspection period to decide whether you want to keep it or not before they release the funds to me. In this time you can even run an RAC or AA inspection. I will receive the payment from Google only if you are satisfied with the vehicle. If by any reason (it has any hidden damage or it isn't as i describe it) you can reject the deal. In this case Google Checkout will fully refund you and I will come and collect it on MY cost. You can read more here: http ://step-by-step-google-checkout .com

If you want it, let me know your your name and address where it must be delivered so i can register the sale with Google and proceed. If you will decide to not go through is not a problem I still quite have a few more offers from potential buyer.

I checked the registration number via the DVLA vehicle checker website and came back with unknown vehicle. So have assumed its a scam - unless someone knows differently or had success buying a LR this way ?

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A couple of years ago somebody started listing my email address in ads on craigslist, and - although I think you are supposed to communicate through the facilities of craigslist, some people chose to email questions which of course came to me - along with some attached replies. Over a period of a few months this chap must have advertised hundreds of cars - all three to five thousand dollars below market and all very similar to the above in their general 'pitch'

I emailed craigslist many times but it went on for months with me answering a dozen or more emails a day with a standard reply explaining the situation. I was amazed though, the number of apparently educated people who even consider this sort of cr@p.

BTW - in all the time I was saving people I only got one 'thankyou' mail. :)

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