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Smokey Joe

Phil B

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How smokey is your disco when towing??? Mines so bad i have got people frantically nodding their heads to my sticker on the back window...


Now it's running STD settings on the pump all it has is a larger intercooler a k&n panel filter and de egr'd

But it smokes it flapping tats off and I mean smoke, I want to fit my barbed fitting to the inlet to get full boost at the inlet can I get away doin this without a new gasket?? I.e. Tomorrow job?? But in terms of smoke what can I do who do I see local to market Drayton who will tune/ lessen the smoke, I've had a go at tuning but all it did was overheat when towing and was gutless so put it back to standard

Many thanks


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Prefusely off boost, fair bit on

I knowthese engines ain't clean but it's more than what I see from others with the same cattle trailers on

First step will be maybe new/recon injectors on the fuel side if there's no luck

Changing t'stat and temp sensor to sort heat problems if that fails rad swell

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Black is too much fuel or not enough air.

Fit a boost gauge and check for 1bar max boost.

Check all air hoses, leaks, delaminating etc

Are you sure pump is not tweaked?

Did the smoke just appear or id it follow a specific job or change?

Injectors could be shot and opening too early.

Bigger intercooler should not make any difference although I have heard some bad sides to fitting one.

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