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genuine exchange LT230 help

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I have discovered that the LT230 transfer box on my 90 has been replaced with a genuine service exchange unit at some point in its past. Is there any way from the model no ST08692E and serial no TB00677 to find out when it was reconditioned or its ratios? Thanks


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bit clearer now, defo a T so it'll mean TB = Transfer Box 00677

part number looks like STC8682 found this one Britcar website http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php?xProd=94016 comes out as STC8682E

found STC8682E in my microcat parts info, it states

transfer box prefix 22D for 4 cylinder TD/5speed manual or prefix 25D for V8/5 speed manual both for 110 vehicles.

1.410:1 ratio

hth :D

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