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suspension conversion


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It is possible. My last LR was a 88" series 3 that had been coiled, but badly!(not by me I add) Was my 1st exploration into Land Rovers and the sound of a cherry bombed V8 exhaust was too much, and I bought it.

When I went to fit a set of rock/tree sliders to it, they fitted perfectly one side and on the other the rear wheel just caught it. I thought WTF?...and found it was nearly 30mm out of alignment :blink:

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I'd agree with Fridge here, if you like the basic nature of a Series but want coil springs, then buy a basic model early 90/110.

Once I removed the (small amount) of sound proofing/water rentention + rust enhancement material from my 90 it was almost the same as my series 2.

They are even both Bronze green ragtops with black wheels and at the time both had 2.25 petrol engines! The 90 now has a khaki/sand roof and so now matches the series 2 much better :)



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yeah i actually agree with you now to be honest, why wreck something of a great motor company's history!. ill be looking to buy a series soon, for restoration, looking to keep it orginal as i can but have a few goodie's :rolleyes:. ive got the 110 for comfort ish driving anyway. :P

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I have seen an 86" S1 that had been coiled on the Std chassis but on the same day I spoke to Designa Chassis about it and they (he) stated that they added 2 inches to the chassis rail height as their computer model showed that the Std chassis could not take the different stresses?? Plus it is very difficult to get the height separation on the rear A frame to the lower radius arms apparently.

If you compare a coil and a leaf chassis they are completely different in profile.


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