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alternator bolt problem

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Ive got a bolt on my alternator (200tdi) that has sheared off , its the bolt at the bottom that seems to go through the steering pump . It has started making a clanging noise were its vibrating , how does it fix ? , whats the best way to tackle it? , any ideas would be appreciated, del

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bottom front or bottom rear bolt ? these just attach the alternator to the combined PAS Pump/Alternator bracket,

see page 200 there should be 2 x bolt item 19

1 from front & 1 from rear [not shown in diagram]

bolt item 13 goes through the engine block & screws into bracket item 2, just where the line from the number 2 touches the bracket, this also secures the engine to chassis earth cable [not shown]

easiest way to extract the broken bolt is to remove bracket item 2 from the engine & drill it out on the workbench.

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