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lights won't work on dipped

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Yes you can

I'm sorry but you'll have to do a search. It's in here somewhare. I'm just back from six months away so I'm finding my feet again.

You might be lucky and be able to remove the relay from the holderand the lights still work. If not you can put a link between two terminals on the socket but I can't remember which terminals. It should be in here but where I've no idea.

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Can't recall the exact wire colors (though I do recall that the colors in my truck didn't match the ones I found listed in reference posts), but if you look at the plug, there are two large blue/something wires, joining those jumps the dim/dip.

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look at your column + light switches. You can wiggle the column and light stalk switch connectors apart about 2mm, jsut enough to get a test lamp [ * ] in there and still allow the switches to work. Turn your lights on and check you get 12v into the light switch, 12v into the column switch and 12v out of your column switch (column switch is the one with your main beam and indicators).

could be a duff connection in the column switch.

if you are getting 12v in and out of both - then its more than likely your pink relay

blue red (i believe) that goes into and out of the pink relay. Again check you are getting voltage to one of the blue/red. should get 12v at both, if not then it is defo the relay. take the relay out and make a bit of suitable wire with 2 spades on the ends and bridge it. should work.

If you are getting 12v to both wires on the relay - the problem is in the wiring between the relay and the fuse box where the blue red feed splits into 2 (powering fuse 12 and 13 i believe). Wont be the wiring post fuse box, as the wires and earths should be seperate, therefore if it was that part of the wiring then one bulb would still work unless you are extremely unlucky and both parts of the loom died at once. whats the chances of that eh?

do a search on here and you should find the suitable electrical diagram. its actually fairly straight forward. Wire from power source to ignition relay (in fuse box) to light switch to column switch to pink relay (behind dash) to fuse box to lights.

[ * ] - i had a simillar problem and could not find anything wrong. turned out the column switch was duff. BUT it was showing 12v in and out with a multimeter. After hours of fannying around i used a spare 55w headlamp bulb on every connector as i was going round in circles. Turned out the column switch would show 12v but trip out to 0v when any load was on it. multimeter did not draw enough load to trip it, but a bulb did. Very frustrating and soaked up hours of my time and made all my hair go grey and fall out. :(

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