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Disco 4/3 commercials


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I'm looking at replacing my works van with a Disco 3 or more likely 4 commercial. Has anybody owned or used either?

I'm after opinions about it's practicality in daily commercial use. Defender isn't really an option due to the amount of

motorway miles I do so I've been looking at the Disco commercials.

Mainly after realworld fuel consumption, how useful is the loadspace etc. and does the trim survive commercial use?

As in the boot door trim etc. or does it get rough pretty quickly?

Any thoughts much appreciated.


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I should be getting my new disco 4 commercial on the 20th of this Month, really looking forward to it to be honest.

I have done alot of home work and read alot of info on disco3 owners forum. They have a disco 4 section with loads of great info. MPG is a hot topic with many different views as to what is achieveable based on how you drive. most average 22-27mpg straight off the line. Many improve with a few miles under them and after a service pack update on the first service. One chap uses V diesel and 90% motorway miles use and returns 31mpg plus. Only on the V diesel with a 17% increase over normal diesel?

As for the interior standing up to abuse and commercial use, you only have to look on ebay for second hand disco's and the condition seems to be really good and still bring very strong money?

As for the boot floor trim, you can have a sliding floor fitted to bring and goods over the rear hinge. A mate has one and its brilliant, Just £700+ vat from landrover?

If your really going to use it commercially, LR and other users suggest using the standard alloys only as the larger ones are too weak for regular heavy loads ?

Hope it helps, ask me in a month when i've probably added 5k miles on mine?

thanks nathan

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we have run at work a few d3 auto and manuals.

they last well look like a std d3 and have cracking residuals.

mpg from 22 to 32 for manual.less if towing or with roof boxes.

we now have d4 both engines auto and manual.

mpg 25 to 34 without towing but if the 3.0ltr tows heavy its around 16-20 dependeant on weather and speed.

both seem to be holding up well to work

mpg imnproves after 1st serive and or 10 000 miles

not had either remapped yet but it will happen soon i hope

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