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Poorly Discovery keeps stalling


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Just picked my discovery up from the garage after it got towed there on Friday. It kept stalling and was a pig to start again.

On the way home it stalled and wouldnt go, I was left sat at traffic lights for what felt like hours trying to get it going again. Its currently just running on Petrol.

In a nut-shell when you come to lights or a junction and you brake to slow down, then you put the clutch in to stop it stalling.....only mine has other ideas and stalls. It only seams to be after you've done a few miles the rev's just drop and thats it....all quite.

If anyone has any advice please please please get in touch.

Yours desperatly seeking help


1996 Discovery 3.9 v8 LPG

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Really sorry but I think I may have wasted some peoples time. Having spent a few hours going through old posts I think there is more than enough advice for me to be starting with.

I am still getting used to 'forum etiquette

Can the modorator would remove this topic please??

Appologies again


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