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RRC new rear crossmember has different angle!


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Okay just tacked my new rear crossmember (Paddocks) into my goalpost frame ....


and checked it back on the bodyshell , problem!


The right angle profile is not right angles its slightly out, say 87/88 degrees, meaning the floorboard does not sit properly on the top of it!


Looking from the side it looks all wrong, the top of the old one was parallel to the floor, this one isn't.


Did I just get a duff part or are they selling them all the same like that?

I see several places sell these, are they all made in the same place or are there better ones?

Anyone else had this prob and what did you do about it, did it still work ok being out like that? Thanks!



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Hell's teeth, you took the entire ear end out of the car :o

Big job!

It's possible that cheaper folding machines simply aren't up to the job of making a tight 90 degree bend, or that it saves a very short length of steel on each piece.

but chances are that few people really notcie as they fit the beam into an assembled car and weld it where it touches.

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