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Fuel Filler and breather hose part numbers - confused!

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So I am trying to get my project 110 fuel filler hoses sorted. However having ordered an ntc2337 (http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/9161/NTC2337-MAIN-FUEL-FILLER-HOSE.html?search=NTC2337&page=1) I have gone to fit it and low and behold it seems that I don't have the correct hose (TD5 rear fuel tank - possibly a disco one, was fitted before I took the project on). :S So the hose doesn't fit. (It's a plastic tank so probably should have been a bit more careful when purchasing)

So the question is:

Does anyone know the part number for the fuel filler hose that will fit a TD5 rear fuel tank (I think I need a hose which is the same diameter throughout and is the thinner of the two diameters on the ntc2337), and likewise the part number for the fuel breather hose which will work with a TD5 tank. Again, I just went and got the 110 part (543765) without thinking and whilst it fits to the filler, it's too narrow to go on the tank. Really confused as to what part numbers I need here and would be greatful for some help.

The filler I have is the standard Defender 110/90 fuel filler (ntc2676)



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Thanks for the part numbers Western,

However looking at it the tank breather hose you've suggested is the same thickness throughout - is there one which changes sizes or is this down to the fact that I have an early fuel filler neck and a td5 tank?


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