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twin wheeled defender/series not sure :s

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hi i was on my way to cambridge sale the other day and was looking out the window when i saw a range rover in a field and next to it stood a defender or series not sure with twin wheels on the back like a transit truck :s just wondered if anyone had heard of anything like this before :s i got a picture but was abit short notice so cant really see much :s

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It wasn't orange was it?

Someone not far from me had a 109 with a Bedford 330 6cyl diesel/lorry box/lorry twin wheel back axle hung on a boxsection chassis about 20yrs ago , it was 2WD but did look like a LandRover. It had air brakes too iirc and may even have had a fifth wheel on the bed...

..He is a blacksmith , so a real metalhead :P



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Blimey! They look a bit of a mess :blink:

Years ago I was at a drive round day, might have been at Bordon, can't remember. Anyway, there was a 109" there with twin rear wheels.

It was actually a very nasty adaptation really, probably inspired by the way tractors have dual wheels clamped on. Only in this case there were a set of std LR rims on the axle, with lengths of box section welded on, and also welded to another rim with the centres removed. tyres were Firestone SATs.

Looked bluddy horrible, must've been even worse to drive :rolleyes:

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I've seen one with 4 wheels at the back, it was a hi-cap and I guess the owner thought he would be carrying more weight than the truck could handle. Would this ever be necessary?

it still couldn't carry more than the axles rated maximum load. unless it was a LR approved twin wheel conversion & axle/vehicle rated load capacity had been suitably revised.

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how can you tell ???? lol

by looking at the vehicle closely/reading the chassis/axle plate details & possibly contacting either LR or the conversion company if it's a genuine vehicle, the photo looks like a truck rear axle stuffed under a LR body.

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