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Sharky's Headgear


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Before leaving Dubai to fly to Billing I picked up 4 or 5 to pass out to the lads for laughs.....trouble was that I arrived in the UK the same day as the first London bombings in July and impersonating an Arab in the UK could have been a bit of a daft thing to do! who wants to look like a mozzie at time like that?:ph34r::ph34r:

I wear one alot of the time in the desert but take it off before going back to the city. They make better table cloths if you ask me!



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Bit of a political statement in these parts. Alot my mates wear a white head cloth as opposed to the red/white or black/white checkered kafiia. Personally I opt for the Aussie style wide brim hats as I find they give excellent protection and last well.


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Ignoring the politics, a guhtra is a very practical item of clothing for a desert climate. Provides shelter from the sun in the day, warmth round the neck at night, dust protection when required, wipes the windscreen and small enough to stuff in a pocket.

Try all that with any hat?

Plus I forgot, a soft nose wiper and cheap enough to be used as emergency toilet roll.


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