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Welding needed

A Twig

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Hi all,

Eventually got round to dealing with some "light surface rust" on my rear x-member. Few seconds with the wire brush revealed this.


Firstly, is there any kind soul near Bath who is handy with a welder and would mind patching it for me in exchange for beer tokens/pizza/jaffa cakes?

Secondly, given that this is the second patch now, is this the beginning of the end? Should I start saving for my galv chassis?


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seeing a tiny hole like that and resorting to a galv chassis is a little extreme!!

That hole is completely repairable, and before a chassis swap is on the cards id think about a replacement rear crossmember.

(ofcourse this is said without knowing the condition of the rest of the chassis)

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Just thought I'd post on here to say thanks to the ridiculously large number of kind hearted souls who offered their time and expertise, was far more than I was expecting! Mr Turbocharger it was in the end who did a very solid job. This has definitely provided me the proper kick up the proverbial to put my wallet where my mouth is and support the Forum.

Thanks once again! :)

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