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defender door insulation

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Before the bad weather i took the time to pull the footwells to bits to give them a dry, clean and paint, and put it all back together also adding some neoprene camping mat to all surfaces under the rubber covering, and it made a fair bit of difference to noise and warmth.

so seeing as i have some nice new lock barrels to fit which will mean taking the doors to bits, i'm wondering if it's worth putting some on the inside of the door skins.

Anyone think of any reason to do or not do this? or any pointers?


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I'm using roofing flashing, it's about £10 for a roll from b&q, it's essentially self adhesive bitumen backed aluminium, it's about 2mm thick and excellent fir reducing drumming, put it on under the camping mat and it makes a big difference



I will check this out as it sounds a good idea?

I have a mate who is going to be using an american product called "Brown Bread" supposed to be the mutts bits, we'll see? Its £13 per roll 600x1000mm and sounds similar to the quote

I have already lined my doors with an improvement, I used some floor underlay we had left over, its about two or three mm polysterene and has has foil face


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Roof flashing? good idea, unfortunately i had to put the job off today as SWMBO wanted to do other things than make me sandwiches and bring me cups of tea all day, and wash grimy clothes, strange creatures ladies...

I'll do it on thursday or friday 'cos she'll be out all day then! ;)

I bought some self adhesive soundproofing years ago which was kind of thick tarry like stuff, so the flashing under the neoprene would work well i imagine.

i'll let you know how i get on.

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