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V8 Cam/lifter protection?


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I have recently overhauled the 4.0 V8 that came out my 2004 Disco2. This engine had done 100 000Km. It was shocking to find that the very first lobe on the cam was "completely" worn away and others were beginning to show signs of wear. All the lifters were hollowed out on the cam contact side by about 0.45mm.

Having fitted a new ( Kent H218 ) cam and lifters to the engine, and having installed it with the "cam lube" I got with the cams, I am now wondering what I have to do ito oils and additives to give my new cam/lifters the best chance of survival.

I've come to the conclusion that the cam/lifter wear is due to the absence of ZDDP additives in modern oils, driven by emissions regulations.

Have found this product: http://www.redlineoil.com/product.aspx?pid=121&pcid=1

Should I now add this to my engine with every oil change or should I use it only once with the first oil fill ? Or should I add a quantity of cam lube with every oil change?

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If a V8 has done 100,000km and not had regular oil changes (they like very regular oil & filter changes, something rarely done with modern cars and pushed to the limits the increase service intervals) then it's entirely likely the cam will wear out.

For a load of info on the best oils, running in, breaking in a new cam, and all the rest of it, have a look at Ian's V8 build thread in the technical archive should tell you almost everything you could want to know.

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