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TD4 Lower Engine Tie-rod


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I assume that, as with other engine/gearbox mountings, the rubber bushes in the tie-rod should be firmly bonded into their housings ?? (I realise that this may seem a daft question, but you never know !!)

The reason I ask is that I have been trying to trace a clonk/rattle from the front of the vehicle, low down - it was evident before the recent MOT test, on which my tester found a track-rod end which needed replacement, but nothing else - I had rather hoped that he might find the problem for me.

Today (once it stopped raining) I have removed the underbelly cover, which had a number of splits in it - I have repaired these, but before re-fitting it, took the car for a quick run round the block. The clonk/rattle is still evident, but not as bad as before - I had previously tested the tie-rod with a pry-bar, and though there was a little movement, it was certainly not "loose" enough to cause concern. However, i have just taken it off the car, and find that I could quite easily push the rubber bush out of it by hand - hence my question above.

To me, it seems that the bush is still firm enough to stop any excessive forward/backward rocking of the engine, but is so loose that it will allow unwanted sideways movement, and that is where the clonk/rattle is coming from

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