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Screws to hold handbrake drum on


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Stripping the shaft (handbrake) drum apart for servicing revealed the two countersunk screws that hold the drum on were missing!!! :blink:

Can the vehicle be driven like this temporarily as i have not used handbrake since purchase and the previous owner had slackened all cables etc due to ingress of mud etc. ( this is the first time i have gone into it to check, clean & setup ). It seems the propshaft bolts would hold everything in place as they go through to drive flange.

Can anyone provide a LR part number for these or an equivalent source or info for rapid replacement please?

I am hoping to go across to X-Brake soon but meanwhile need to sort the cheaper option out for upcoming MOT



I believe it may be SA108201L shown in the transfer box section, but it gives no details on thread, tensile strength etc.

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Part number SA108201L is correct M8 X 20mm

here & here :i-m_so_happy:

don't drive with these screws / rear prop unfitted otherwise you'll be chasing the brake drum down the road & possibly cause a accident to other road users.

Cheers Ralph

I'm assuming that it would be safe to drive with rear propshaft fitted as this traps the drum onto the flange as well. It seems the screws are only to hold in place without PS fitted.

It seems every time i do something on this 90 i find something the previous owner has left off, bodged or did not do right!!! PITA but good way to learn ;)

BTW would these screws ( when fitted ) be loctited in?



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It's OK to drive with the rear prop fited as you've mentioned, I never used loctite on the screws on my drum brake, just maked sure they are done up tight, a threadlock/loctite entirely up to you if you want to use some.

workshop manual says tighten drum retaining screws to 18lbft or 25Nm.

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