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Aircon in a 90 or 110


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SWMBO has decided that her ikkle Punto has outstayed its welcome, and after 2 days of driving my series 3, the need for a vehicle with power steering is apparent...

The good news is that she would like either a 90 or a 110, but it has to have aircon...

2 questions..

What year did LR introduce aircon as either an option or standard in the defender..?

can you retrofit aircon into a 90 or 110 (poss TD5)..?



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Yes air cond, can be retrofitted to any 90/110, not sure when it was available on new vehicles, but I have seen pics of a 'E' reg 110 factory fitted with air con, finding a good one is the hard part, happy hunting.

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I cannot tell you when aircon first became available in the UK market on a Defender. The good news is that you can fit air con to any car or truck - including a Series III (along with power steering) should you so desire. There are any number of aftermarket aircon makers in the US, but I believe that Vintage Air seems to have the most flexible syustems and certainly lots of experience.

There used to be a link on the LROM (Land Rover Owners of Malaysia) site that gave the contact details of an AC supplier for Series vehicles ( would also work with Defenders of course) but Malaysia may not be an ideal sourcing location.

Check out Vintage Air and see if it makes any sense for you. Good luck.

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Have seen one fitted to a 1989 90, Landrover do a kit that involves very little modification to the interior (bulk of the work is a new bigger all plastic heater / evaporator). However it is designed for a V8. I am currently rebuilding a 200 TDI 110 with this bigger heater / evaporator and the main problem is stopping the turbo from melting it. The kits are very rare and would be very expensive to buy from Landrover and I am not sure if they are still available but I’ll sort the part numbers out for you over the weekend.

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I know the MY1997 NAS vehicles were aircon option equipped and I would guess that all the NAS vehicles had aircon as options and the 90 started in 1993 and the 110 before that, so 1993 is the answer for a 90. However, the 1998 Anniversary, being a RHD NAS MY1997, had aircon and I am sure that it was a standard fitting but I could be wrong. I was tempted by the Anniversary but just could not stick the colour, why they didn't use the NAS yellow God only knows.................

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Like I said I stand to be corrected and I am usually wrong :rolleyes:.

Was It a uk spec vehicle BTW? Just out of interest.



air con fitted 110 & 90 -- note the extended nose panel to accomodate the evaporator radiators/fans, & the under screen vents sealed with black cover plates as used on the later NAS 110.



interior of a LHD version


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