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LT230 Differences

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me the differences between the LT230 and LT230Q? I know the LT230Q is supposed to be quieter but is that really the case? Is it a noticeable difference? What parts are different in order to make it quieter?

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They changed the cutting on the gears, which makes the 'Q' run quieter. I've been told by others the difference is noticeable in a Defender, less so in a Disco as there is more sound deadening. No personal experience.

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This is the supposed differences:


The LT230Q transfer box is mounted at the rear of the main gearbox and transmits drive to the front and rear axles via the propeller shafts. The LT230Q, while similar to the LT230T differs mainly in the following areas:

• Helix angle of gears increased to 31° together with an increase in the number of gear teeth thus giving quieter running and an increase in power transmission efficiency.

• Increased length mainshaft input gears together with increased thickness bearing housing and repositioned bearing.

• Redesigned intermediate gear bearings. Redesigned high gear bush giving quieter running

Taken from here: http://www.muddyoval.com/articles/generalinfo/LT230.htm


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