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callipers braking when off road

ricky tango

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bit of a concern really ,

a few months ago on a pay and play day ( harbour hill, 4x4 without a club ) my mates uncle went down a bomb hole and cam to climb back out when he discovered he couldn't he did take 2 or 3 attempts climbing out (the the hole not too steep a climb but 3-4 ft deep) every time obviously he tried the applied the brake at the top and then lowered back down and eventually reversed out .

on inspection when he came out he had sheered the two mounting points for the front drivers calliper , (sheered them off the calliper - the calliper broke not the axle) resulting in the brake line wrapping round the axle as the calliper grabbed the disc and spun round

now ive don this hole with the lockers on and i was fine but this weekend my mate father went out in his bobtailed range rover and attempted the same hole and has sheered his calliper bolt hole lugs off of his calliper ,

are there previous experiences of this , sounds a little concerning to me as they weren't going crazy

i would have thought there was more stress on an emergency stop on a motorway which is why i am showing my concern

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I have broken a few calipers on my truck.

form a breakage as mild as ripping a bleed nipple/pads off. to having the casting crack open losing all the fluid and separating the what was left of the caliper form the axle.

every time I have had breakages it been when i winched/driven through some thing like a deep bog (ie lots of wheel spin).

so my thoughts are that some object (root, stone etc..) has got caught between the rim and the caliper and caused the damage.

really don't think you can get this sort of damage from braking use as on a motorway.

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The only breakage like this I've had was down to fatigue. Therefore it definately could happen on the motorway! The same year, I say at least two others break the same way.

I suspect off road vehicles will stress the caliper more than on a road going vehicle and make failure more likely. Also, the calipers on off roaders tend to be older than most vehicles regularly used on the road - which again increases the risk.


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