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Soft Top Conversion

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I've just bought a tilt for my 90, but don't have the sticks/frame etc, so my qusestions are as follows

1 What combination of parts from different land rovers, ie series 3, could be used?

2 Has anyone mounted the taigate with side hinges, as per the full size door?

3 Photos would be good!!

4 Parts for sale would be even better!!!!!!!

Thanks guys.......

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You'll need a defender screen header clamp rail and clamp bolts, above door panels, behind door panels (which i have for sale), hoop set, something to attach your seatbelts to, and maybe the hooks/eyes on the bodywork if they aren't already fited.

I've done a side opeing tailgate, really easy, just but a pair of standard hinges on one side, and a catch on the other.


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You have several options with regards to the frames, sticks etc.

1. Buy new from a dealer, this is the most expensive option.

2. Buy new from someone like All Wheel Trim, they sell all the parts you require and have a decent website showing you what you actually need.

3. Try to pick up a complete set from someone selling a secondhand set. The trouble with this is that seciondhand sets often fetch silly money on the likes of Ebay and you have to be sure that you aren't paying more than a new set of sticks etc would have cost you!

4. Pick up the bits as & when you see them at shows and in adverts. The trouble with this is that it will take a long time, you will certainly end up paying more than buying a complete set and the chances are you will still have to buy a few parts brand-new anyway.

Side hinged tailgate is no problem, I did mine 11-years ago and it is still working fine. I have a swingaway spare wheel carrier attached to it and it has never given a problem.


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Build thread of mine is here

Wow - totally love it! I would love to do something like that - if only I didn't live in a terrace with no parking doh! (and had more talent :( )

If its not too impolite - how much did it go for?


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