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FFF Snorkel - Final part(ish)

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Mit some help from Tonk (ta everso), tin of paint, screws and much head scratching the final part of the V8 snorkel is now finished and awiting testing (yeah, right at the time of a hose pipe ban :hysterical: oh how I time things so well :P )

I had this :



Made from the remains of a genuine V8 90 air box, chopped about and made to be a direct size replacement......keeps the std enormous filter !


Test fit :


Primer, then a top coat (or as tonk says finishing primer grey top coat) :P



End plate is held with a "number" of Stainless Dome cap bolts :P and some rubber cut to shape

The once strapped in connected with 3.5 inch hose (costs a fortune :blink: ), and jubilee cliped in place..

Started engine, and yes you can hear the "Sucking" noise from the outside :D


Dive Dive Dive !


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Hi Grumpy,

Unsure what the F**D HT Coil packs are like in the wet, they do have a superb waterproof type over centre plug lead mounting system so should be good,

I need "To go a testing" now the 'EDIS' waterproof V8 ignition system, ...........and the snorkel seemed a sensible precaution 1st :lol:

What I CAN tell you is with the engine running when I had a "Fiddle" with a lead it gave me a belt ............

strong enough to have me go and sit on my stool in the corner of the workshop, ......leaving the engine running, ........and I had a hand numb from the elbow down for about 10 mins.

My neighbour pointing dribbling and P*****g himself laughing at me is testimaent to the 'belt', ......

I felt too ill to get up and smack him one :blink: and he knew it, ........

I don't know what these coils punch out V wise, but its a load more than the std system, .....

I used to pull V8 plug leads off to check for a misfire :lol: er not now ta !


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I've not had a belt off the mallory leads I fitted to mine - but I'm a lot more cautious around them than I was with the old system...sparks that can jump an inch and half deserve some respect :D

Mine hasn't had a proper soaking off road either, due to other problems with the truck (plus I don't have a snorkel yet either - never really seemed necessary before with a V8... :rolleyes: ), but I have turned a hose on it and given it a soaking that would definitely have killed the OEM ignition, and it never missed a beat. Now runs much better than it did before, and does it in all weathers, too.

Nige, don't fancy making me one of those snorkels do you? :D

Thought not... :lol:

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very nice welding too


Thats TONKs !!...

The parts used from the original airbox are mega-thin "Hole blowing territory" with a MIG,

<yoda mode on> Master Tonks light-saber work - nice it is yes Mmmmmmmm <Yoda mode off>

Why do yer think I need a TIG course at Tech college..... :lol:

However, I have the original modified (my welded up) V8 90 Air box available FOC, can post some pics if you wnat a lookie ?

Takes a HUGE airfiler, super job just difficulat to make waterproof hence this copy .....


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Err, Nige - you realise that in the event of a nuclear strike, you might perhaps have to replace it? The rest of your 85mm-plated Ninety will live through, but that airbox looks like it's made from paltry 2mm steel? You're lucky it doesn't float away by comparison to the rest...

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