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Newbie saying HI

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Hi All

So, as from Sunday I will be the proud owner of a 90 CSW in Oslo Blue. In many ways I am looking forward to it, and the only down side is having to get rid of my pride and joy Lotus Elise.

Yes, there is a massive difference, and here is my reasoning...

Need more space, as even with 1 child, all their stuff just doesn't fit. So a replacement for the Elise? Could be a nippy little car, say a mini.... Nah... Anything nippy will always be compared in my mind to the Elise, and frankly nothing will come close. The Elise is awesome. So what else? Well in my budget, it would be some kind of rep mobile - I'd rather walk...

So that brings me to a 4x4 - the only choice really is a Defender. Timing wise, everything is coming together, what with the sale of my Elise :( and the location of and agreement to buy a Defender :)

Not sure I can resist the calling to visit http://www.irbdevelopments.com/ for a Stage 1 though :)

Cheers and Hello


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Hi Andrew and Welcome

can totally see your point - You'd be hard pressed to find a sports car that could better an Elise.

When I got my Defender it was either that or a sports car (hadn't decided what type)

Reckoned if I got anything fast, I would lose my licence in about a week - I live in Lancashire and it is full speed cameras.

The other advantage is my landy doesn't mind the millions of pot holes:)

Hope you enjoy it.


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Thanks for the warm welcome - one of the great things about the Lotus is the community. Looks like this is going to be the same. Awesome.

As for which one - Defender that is - a 52 plate 2002 TD5

Potholes and speed cameras are other reasons for selecting the Defender. Sometimes I get the impression that sunken man hole covers and potholes are the council's way of slowing you down. In the Elise I almost spend as long looking out for potholes and such as I do looking where I am going. :rolleyes:

Am now counting down the days until what is going to be a odd weekend. Farewell to an old and trusted friend, hello to a new friend

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