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Trailmasters Overland Any Good?


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Hi All,

Has anyone had any experience with the Trailmasters Overland trips to North africa?.The wife wants to go next March/April, just wondering how good (or bad) they are.

Any comments or ideas for other trips greatfully accepted.

Regards Keith

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Trailmasters are Ok, I have never been on one of their trips but know people that have.

April is a good time to go to Morocco, I have been many times, this year I am going in October in fact all of October and part of November, have you thought of doing it yourself it is not that hard to do the tourist parts.


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They are good. I have not been with anyone else though.

Be prepared for early starts though as like many Morocco trips I looked at you have a lot of ground to cover to get to the best bits.

We did the March/April trip in a disco 2 with a roof tent and enjoyed it.

A trip my wife and I still have fond memories of.


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Never been with Trailmasters we went to Tunisia with Sahara Travel, it was so good we went back on our own the year later, and we're going again this year, again, on our own.

If you're going to Billing they'll all be there, so will I on the Sahara Travel stand.

With Sahara Travel the morning departures were always 9-9:30am, camp was always set well before dark. The nice thing about Tunisia is that it is a small country, you can reach the desert from Tunis with only one overnight stop. The Grand Erg Oriental or Great Eastern Erg is one of the largest sand masses in the Sahara, it covers the lower one third of Tunisia and stretches well into Algeria.

Take a look at my site for a little more info.


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