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Wheel Studs for Zu Aloy Wheel Rims

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Hi Guys

It's probably been covered a gazillion times before but inept searching couldn't find the answer.

I'm looking to fit a new set of rims on my 1995 300Tdi 90. Does anyone know if Zu alloys require long wheel studs or will they fit on with the standard ones?

Also (whilst I am at it) has anyone used Cooper Discoverer S/T tires and do they conform to the new S mark sound regs?

Thanks in advance :)


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I have a set of the cooper discover and from what i read about them they do conform to the S mark sound level, they are not that noisey at all, compaired to the insa turbo special track i use to have on there. The STT that i have are the new style which have a better side wall with more grip on the side un like the ones that mark williams has on 4x4 is born, they seam to be the older style.

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Thanks for the info on the Coopers - would obviously prefer to have them with the S marking for sound as the pattern is more likely to remain in production and be replaceable like-for-like if I damage one.

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