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Freelander 2 - 2.2 2007 COLD START PROBLEM!


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Hello Everyone.

I have a problem with firing the Freelander 2 - 2.2 diesel 2007.

After a long standstill and especially when the engine is cold I need to shoot about 10 seconds before he starts.

I suppose that, as it will get colder its gonna take more time to start.

On the strip after 2 s there is enough fuel pressure. I put up a check valve in the fuel supply and nothing.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? or had a similar problem?

I have changed the " temperature sensor" but nothing happed anyone know how can i solve this problem? Also spargs are brand new and they works perfect, even when i heat up the spargs problem is still the same,

And I'm so sorry for my English

Thank you

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I doubt very much it's a mechanical problem, it will most likely be with the engine management - either a faulty sensor or similar. Since you have already changed the coolant sensor, the next popular ones to look at are inlet air temp (built into airflow meter) and crank position sensor (CKP), most of the others have minimal effect on the running and are more used for economy/emissions trim.

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Hey guys,,

Thanks for replay.

Well I have change crank position sensor (CKP) on monday and nothing happend, everything is still the same.

Could anyone tell me what is the role of tank fuel pump, could this be a problem? or high presure pump which cost apox 400 Pounds>?...

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