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300tdi Injection Pump


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Been reading the forum for a while, and must say theres lots of knoledge on here that helped me, but this will be my first post

I need to replace the injection pump on my 300tdi. I'm OK with a spanner, but still learning my way around the Disco

I bid on a pump from ebay, which I won, and arrived the other day. From reading by Haynes manual it says that when the pump is being removed it should be locked in the timing position, but the one I have received seems to be a bit (see photos; bad due to iphone)


Is it Ok to be like that? Can I still fit it OK?

It seems pretty stiff, not moveable by hand to put it in the timing position

Thanks in advance


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When the timing pin is pulled out the pump hub - it always clicks back a small amount, and this is perfectly normal. After you've fitted the pump, put the sprocket on loosely, then put a spanner or socket on the centre nut and turn it the small amount necessary to get the timing pin in. Set the timing up as normal, then tension the belt, tighten the sprocket bolts, remove the pin, rotate the engine twice clockwise, then re-check the timing and adjust again if necessary. Injector pumps are difficult to turn by hand, but if you put it in a vice, and used a spanner or socket, it'll click over fairly easily.


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