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Seven Sisters


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Got back a couple of hours ago from Seven Sisters after having another realy really excellent weekend.

Decided late on friday night that i would go to seven Sisters on saturday.

got up v early on sat morning and got there for 9:15- to find noone else was up there! oh well they soon turned up.

no piccies i'm afraid- v disorganised- even forgot to take a coat- which was a big mistake.

spent the whole weekend "bitching" for JST (although i was a tad slow).


Getting 30 out of 40 punches in 5 hours

watching 5 Jeeps winch up a hill (took them about 25 mins each), only to then watch Tim (TJ101) power up the same hill in his hybrid in abour 4 mins, with just 4 shunts!

scrambling up and down muddy hills- scratching my arse off- strangely enjoyable

BBQ on saturday- and the pub

James' driving on sunday


rave music til 12:30 am from some manx people- bloody annoying

falling over in a stream- twice

getting lost in the biggest prickliest tree that could be found - scratches all over the plaec

the arsing weather

James' driving on saturday- spent 3 hours NOT getting up hills before realising the centre diff lock wasn't on! so much pointless bitching done!

Edited to say:

Major Lowlight- Car falling down the gully and hitting me head on, on the way down and throwing me across the gully- worth it only for the look on James' face- lots of bruising on my back- see piccy 11 for where it happened"[/size=4]

great to see all of you again- another great social and off roading event.

sure someone will be along soon with some piccies

P.s. John (fruity) how the **** did you break your winch AGAIN!

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watching 5 Jeeps winch up a hill (took them about 25 mins each), only to then watch Tim (TJ101) power up the same hill in his hybrid in abour 4 mins, with just 4 shunts!


Jim, the music was easy sorted, go to bed when they had finished !!

Nice to see you Jim, glad you came, All 3 bitches worked well on sat,, Mark/Victor,(savage, who can not get loged on, cause no one will send him his forgotton password,!!! ) who sat in with me, Gary, who spent the day with Mark90, and his shiny new truck, (now complete with new battle scars,) And Jim for the legwork, draging JST's winch rope round 7S :lol:

Cracking event again, with excellent company, Thanks Angela, see you in November

will got and see if any pictures are worthy !!

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Aye a cracking event with cracking company, even if all some of the bitches (no names ;) ) did was bitch about bitching and about their drivers driving :rolleyes: although to be honest that was half the entertainment :lol:

Mark90, and his shiny new truck, (now complete with new battle scars,)

Err yeh just a few :unsure: found some more after washing it (yeh a bit keen I know). So that's most panels with dints and few scrapes underneath, and a slightly dented rear shock :rolleyes:

Thank god for X-Eng side protectors, I'd have suffered a lot more damage without them.

Roll on the next one :D

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Cracking weekend again, a shame about the weather this morning but it cleared up pretty quick and was fine for the journey home. I must say I was glad to be in a caravan and not under canvass.

Great to put faces to names from the forum and to see some old ones again.

Pictures hopefully tomorrow when i've had time to down load.

Who was collecting punch cards, can I scan mine and email it as there was noone to take it as I left?

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A few photos;

On firday afternoon a few of us had a little laning trip as a warm up before the main event...





Tim flexing on the RTI ramp, scored in the 900's forwards and 1000 backward, the same a Rogue Vogue...


Me flexing a little less than Tim...


Chris tring to re-create that Hummer video...


Some pics from the main event...



Where's JST going?


To get the punch...


How not to get wet feet...



Slightly cross axled...



Victor bitching (about something or other :rolleyes::P )....


Tim showing the jeep boys how it's done in double quick time with no winches...


Back home...


With a few scars to show :unsure: ...


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Angela/David (and everyone else) cheers for organising and putting the event on/setting up.

Jim -

Cheers for offering to codrive for the weekend and as you request i did my best to make sure you had some phys on Sat!

A cracking weekend, despite Victor moaning even more than me. (oh and the longish drive home into a nice headwind!!!) still got 24.5mpg for the weekend not too bad!

Good to see and catch up with everyone, now looking forward to BDB 07.

What you want all hard punches there i guess now your seasoned to it!

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1st Post, 1st Seven Sisters,

thanks to TJ101, Mark90 & JST & all the bitches for experince for a 1st timer, next time I be a bit braver!

TJ101 Maxi

t6orn33p.jpg]TJ101 coming down Maxi trial[/url]

Mark90 maxi

lhayd9gq.jpg]Mark90 going Up Maxi trial[/url]

JST in the Quarry

eim2k77z.jpg]JST going down the Quarry[/url]

Mark90 in the Quarry

pfg3lq32.jpg]Mark90 going Up the quarry[/url]

JST top Pond




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glad you enjoyed the weekend Chris, hope to see around at the next few events then, this wekeend coming Culmhead 2 day event with Challenge South West, oh yeah - you need to trade in for a rover now!

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Hey chris,

good man for coming along good to meet you (just so you know i'm Jim- James' "unwilling" bitch for the weekend!)

thought you did really well for your first time out- i most certainly wouldn't have come down that last slope first time i went out in a new car- full marks for rubbish mate!

hope to see you out in the future- reckon that little zook will go just about anywhere- it'll certainly be a while before your aquired skills outweigh the ability of the vehicle!

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thanks Jim for the kind words, I think I need some Armour underneath before hitting the rocks.

i thought I have a go oh well I get the hang of it one of theses days witch is my right or left and down a bit, Like us all!!

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Those vids work now. Thanks for posting them Chris.

Good to meet you at the w/e. Like Jim says, big balls for doing those hills on yer first time out.

who made the spats for this red ninety?

They where on teh truck when I bought it off Graham/Ripley. Just some very thick/stiff rubber bolted on to the wings.

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