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It's basically the same as the Premier Power Welder which is an alternator intended to replace the vehicles original unit with one that is remotely regulated.

It has three modes, normal-which charges as usual, power-which provides 110volts and welding which is DC stick welding.

My unit came from Sodbury and cost £10 I think from a geezer who assured me that despite the low price it "Works perfect guvn'r". It didn't of course but at least the only problem was a dry solder joint on the main power connection. B)

It really came into it's own at the weekend, within minutes of arriving I was welding Fruity's winch bracket, first preparing with my 110v angle grinder then welding, again at the site I was able to weld my broken radius arm and save what would otherwise have been a totally lost weekend. :rolleyes:

I don't have any pictures at the moment but will try and take some this week.

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