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Extended axle breathers and gearbox breathers !

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Have a fancy for some deep wading in all sorts of terrain but realise that extended breathers are required. Can anyone tell me who sells them for axles / gearboxes and anything else that requires doing ! Also, where are they fitted on the gearbox ? ( axles are obvious ! ) . Can I make my own to save lolly and if so what sizes of fittings and pipe do I need to get and where ??? Basically I am looking for all the info I can get to get the job done for the least amount of money 'cos her indoors has a tight grip on the pirse strings due to my ability to spend the gas and food money on " rusty oily junk " !!!!!!!. Help obviously needed.

P.S. I heard someone going on about a manifold to tie all the bits together on the brething side ? anyone know what this is ? Thanks in advance from a novice .

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Get some small bore irrigation pipe from B&Q and some of the little barbed t peice connectors and your away. Think that I also used a small amount of brake pipe as a straight joint.

I did axles and both gear boxes. You can go as far as doing the timing belt housing, power steering res etc. if you want.


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I got a few metres of washer system tubing (clear flexible stuff). The internal diameter was slightly smaller than external diameter of the black breather tube. I then got a bit of silicone sealant on the end of the black tube then slid the clear hose over. I then put small cable tie around it as extra strength then ran the clear hose up the snorkel.

Saved trying to find new connections to gearbox/axle etc and only needed distance from engine bay out (apart from rear axle that needed run along chassis and up). I did open the filler plugs on axle and blast compressed air through the old breathers just to check clear but unless you are concerned they might be blocked, this is not so important.

Hope you find a solution that suits.


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I bought a basic axle breather kit of that chap and it arrived the next day, good service and decent kit.

Although I'm not convinced about teh merits of breather manifolds, one blocked pipe and all yer breathers are blocked :(

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I want to do the same, but not sure where on the gearbox the breathers are? Axles, flywheel and timing cover I can see, but the gearbox ones are not so obvious to me.

You will need to remove your cubby box/ centre front seat (depending on which you have) and then the metal plate underneath it. You will then be looking at the transfer box and back end of the gear box. On the right hand side (drivers side of the boxes you will see two banjo bolts with plastic pipes connected to- these are the gearbox and transfer box breathers. Just undo them and replace with the new fittings if you buy a complete kit (easiest but not cheapest option). The kits are generally made up of pneumatic push fit connectors- available from hydraulic/pneumatic suppliers. You would need to take in your breather banjo bolts (Axles will both be the same, but I think that the gearbox ones are a different size thread?) and they should be able to sell you 4 elbows that will screw in and then have a pipe push fitted on.

If you are just extending the breathers you will find that there are three pipes in the engine bay that come up by the heater matrix- they will have a sharp bend formed at the end of each- these are the ends of the front axle, transfer box and gearbox breathers and, as has already been said, if they are not blocked can be extended up to snorkle height or connected together at a manifold (wizard on here sells them via ebay- nice looking bit of kit) This will allow you to run only one pipe (of slightly larger diameter) up the snorkel and not have lots of pipe showing. You will also need to sort the rear axle- mine appeared under the rear tub on the driverside in line with the wheel.

I personally paid £40 for a full kit via ebay with everything included in it- fitted in about 30 minutes or so.

Hope that helps


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1/8" BSP stainless pneumatic connectors from you local hydraulics shop screw in in place of the original breathers (axles, gearbox & transfer box have the same thread), then use 6mm push-fit nylon hose. You can do a whole vehicle for around £10 - £15 including 10m of hose.


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