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On Why LR4x4.com is making the world a better place


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[ODE - on]I got into the dreaded addiction of Land Rover enthusiasm later than many of those who regularly post/lurk here. In January 2001, I bought an SIII 88" in Dubai with no knowledge of the psychiatric and financial affliction that I was assuming. I learned a lot from many of those who still post on here today and who were previously regular posters on what was then a great forum LRE and s still a great forum ORRP. At that time, "what size tyres larger than 750x16 can I fit on a Series " and "are parabolics any good" were still relatively novel questions.

Those of you who frequent Pirate [double flipoff] and other US based sites are probably still somewhat in awe of the frequent "what I did to my Disco with a sawzall, a Cummins Turbo Diesel, and a pair of Dana 60 axles" threads that are fairly common over there. But I wanted to comment on the substantial change in attitude and appraoch that I have seen in the UK based Land Rover enthusiast (small "E") community over the last few years lead by a large number of posters on this site.

There are many here leading what I believe to be a fundamentally positive change in attitude to Land Rover based offroading in the UK , and eslewhere, indeed far too many to mention here individually. Nevertheless, and for what it's worth {not a lot, admittedly}, I want to salute many of the regulars and some of the irregulars here who have done much to alter the global approach to serious offroading with Land Rovers. Luckily, we are a big and reasonably tolerant Church, with the puritans and heretics both tolerated and appreciated. From the Series leaf sprung purist to the "how can I fit a blown 454 big block and TH400 to my Series I ?" living happily cheek and jowl here, I just wanted to remark upon the substantially positive evolution that has happened here, often with typically British aplomb. No need for "yar dude, if it doesn't have double coilovers at all four corners, it sucks ar5e". Nevertheless, there is increasingly serious discussion of radical builds, often on a budget that is, if not frugal, then at least not astronomical. This is good.

Practical learning, practical advice, and practial knowledge mixed with a healthful understanding of the nuance that finely separates 'working hard' from 'hardly working', has characterized this site since it succeeded LRE. The same applause is due to the other LRE successor site, albeit with a different in approach.

In any event, I salute Les, Tony, Jez, Nick, Will, Steve, Bill, Nige, Al, (whose first names I have some guess about) and the many others (to name but a very few), who through this site have done so much to fundamentally contribute to the evolution and continuity of Land Rover enthusiasm.[ODE - off]

Cheers and Thanks

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Les says "Your cheques in the post" :lol:

Seriously FWIW I agree with you thoughts 100% - Considering the LRE horrendous fiasco, it could have spelt the end with forumeers going off here and there - LR4x4 has come out the other side in remarkably good shape and grows constantly.

Mind you making Tonk and then me a mod prob lowered the tone of the neighbourhood :D


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Without blowing our own horns too loudly, I think the talent for innovation in the 4wd scene has always been present in British 4wd enthusiasts. I am 56 now but when I was a kid and used to pick up UK LROC newsletters from our local Rover club, there were individuals in Britain that had built 6 and 8 wheel conversions of series 1,2 and 2a LandRovers. I have read about people building and racing some technically very interesting Rovers almost since the introduction of Rangerovers all those years ago.

Commercially available selectable aftermarket difflocks for Landeys and other makes may have originated in OZ,but it was yours truly (a Pom)who first designed and developed them, and sold a few back in the 1970's before I was offered a job at Jack McNamara Differentials.

Even though in this forum and others,I have been highly critical of Rover, who I feel have lost their way in recent years, I acknowledge that they drew up the original map to show others the direction, re soft long travel suspensions, low gearing,constant 4wd and 4 wheel discs at a time when the trend in the US was rock hard ,sky high suspension 3 speed gearboxes ,Two speed t/cases optional in some instances, and no brakes.

As I said, the talent has always been there. It is just most British LandRover enthusiasts have gone about pursuing their interest without much fanfare, and until relatively recently, not much support in the availability of good quality British made 4 wd equipment. American 4wd enthusiasts wildest dreams can become reality,because there is always some company, somewhere over there that is prepared to have a go and fill a hole in the market and make products people want at affordable prices,whereas UK manufacturers only wake up when its too late and an overseas company has taken the lions share of potentials sales. Witness the success of ARB , Maxidrive, McNamara diffs,Simex tyres,Detroit, Warn etc in the UK and Europe as an example.


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With the amazing clarity that so aften characterizes hindsight, I now realize that one really ought not post when one has been drinking rather heavily...

Nevertheless, the sentiment remains. Bill makes a good point, but one that I think reinforces the view that what may have been lacking in the past, substantial homegrown entreprenneurial efforts to address the needs of the LR community, seems to be getting addressed what with the likes of Simon with X-Eng or Nigel with Gon2far, for example. There was quite a good post up here yesterday about someone commenting on the great exhaust work on a fairly unique 300 tdi system done by 'northernchris' as well.

In any event, good on all those who are making more options available to the LR community, and to those who by promoting and participating in events like winch challenges etc., are creating an economic base for such innovation. And to those, like Bill, whose contributions to the community commenced some time ago.

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