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Apologies for the recent absence of this forum - our host Canaca pulled the plug on us yesterday, without any form of notice, for 'overloading'. They switched off my entire account - email, database admin, control panel, the works, so first I knew about it was when I tried to access the site.

This was Canaca's extremely helpful response to my support request:

Thank you for contacting Canaca-Com Inc. Customer Care,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but your site is suspended for overloading and possibly spamming (lots of sendmail processes).

Please let us know if you had any problems/questions again.

Best Regards,

Canaca-Com Inc.,

Technical Support Team

The hosting package I have is their Gold account, which they advertise as having 600Gb of bandwidth and 30Gb of storage - neither of which we have come anywhere close to! In fact, I doubt we've even come close to the bandwidth limits on their basic package. They also advertise 99.9% uptime, which they clearly have no intention of honouring. Anyone know anything about Canadian trade descriptions laws? :angry:

And no, the disappearance of this forum had nothing to do with the reappearance of the former LRE one (which I don't know any more about than the rest of you).

As of 10.10am (GMT) Canaca have just switched us back on:

Thank you for writing back to us.

We unsuspended your account but, if anytime your website consume 10% or more of our systems resources we will suspend it.

Please visit this link for more information about our policy:



Best Regards,

Canaca-Com Inc.

As to exactly how much load is '10% of ... system resources' I'm going to have to try to find out from them. Sounds like they're running supposedly high capacity accounts on very low spec servers...

Needless to say, I'm not a satisfied customer.

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I've switched off some of the forum features to reduce server load, and hopefully keep us on line, at least until I can get to the bottom of how much traffic we're actually allowed on this '600Gb' account...so if you're looking for something that isn't there any more (like users currently online) that's where it's gone :(

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Let's be careful here - it could have been a freak coincidence of loading.......a large number of posts at the same time. Apart from this incidence, the system has been pretty robust.

Normally providers will blame their problems [eg server failure, the ultimate horror for customers] on customer issues, so it might never happen again.....try and put it behind you, guys.

By the way, I love the phrase 'unsuspending' !! I will use it from now on!!


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It wasn't bandwidth we got pulled for though, it was processor load - the forum software puts a much higher load on the processor than a simple download such as an image. However...this forum software is provided by Canaca as part of the hosting package, along with a number of other highly dynamic solutions, and we weren't actually working it that hard. However, even with simple downloads I doubt it would be possible to get close to the bandwidth limits without putting considerable demands on their plainly very inadequate hardware.

Further, Canaca gave no warning that they weren't happy with our usage but simply pulled the plug without even telling us, which is totally unacceptable. There is nothing in their contract or FAQs to suggest that processor load is severely limited, in such a way as to make the stated limitations on the account essentially meaningless (and at best misleading).

I already had a suspicion, given the PHP errors we've been seeing, that their hardware wasn't up to the job - and we've been getting those right from day one, when there were only a couple of dozen users on the forum...

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"Further, Canaca gave no warning that they weren't happy with our usage but simply pulled the plug without even telling us, which is totally unacceptable"

Too bloody right cobber. Oh, hang on, this isn't the Oz forum :D

Totally unacceptable are the words for it. It's like having a Land Rover that won't go through mud.

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Thanks for your efforts in putting it right!

I presume everyone else was sent an email this morning saying that the old LRE FOrum was back on line?

I had a quick look but I was the only one I knew on line (there were only five or so people) - so figured I'd wait till here was back.


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There does seen to be a lot of confusion even within the title of LRE front page.

"We regret to announce the closure of ......in formation is now available at Land Rover Addict..... We strongly recommend Land Rover Chronicals...........and by the way we are open for business under a new regime.

Total confusion :rolleyes: No change there then :D

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