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series 3 seatbelts

gorgeous george

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I've recently bought a series 3 swb and plan to one day take the roof off for a while. The problem is that the seatbelts are joined to the roof half of the car so i will need to put them somewhere else if i want to take off the roof. Dad says his came from behind the seat somewhere when he had his old 2a back in the day. Where can i connect them up so that i can take my roof off and drive it around legally? And will i be able to do the job myself or have to get it done proffesionally?


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check out the Military Series III's, the soft tops had a strengthening plate on the bulkhead that mounted the inertia reel, the belt feed was then fitted to the top capping of the bulkead and the belt fed over the seat as per a normal seat belt set-up.

Craddocks on Ebay sell the kits every now and then, the Aussie MoD may have used the same set-up

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Roll cage and mount it from there - either an ex military job or make your own. My S3 never had inertia reels it had static 3 point belts, and the shoulder strap mounted via a mounting on top of the bulkhead behind the seats. All standard landrover - take a look at the parts book!


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2-Point inertia-reels are what you need, they are what was fitted to S111's if no upper mount was available.

They are still widely available brand-new (most convertable sports-cars use them), when I last bought a set for my wife's MGB they were £30 each.

Mount the reel on the capping behind which runs across the top of the the centre bulkhead and strengthen if necessary (occasionally there is already a piece of channel in there for this very purpose), the bottom mount is exactly the same as normal. The belt then runs over your outer shoulder and clips in as normal. Used these for years on my own LR and in the military and never had a problem.

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what do inertia reels looks like, im not sure if i've seen them before. Are they those things that roll the slack of the seat belt up and feed it out when you need more?

pretty much yes, a bobbin holds the spare belt, feeds it out when required, but a device inside stops the belt being fed out when the speed that the belt going out goes too fast and locks it solid

The inertia part of it is that as the bobbin spins it tries to follow the belt direction, ie "up" in most cases, when the belt tries to go too fast the bobbin gets lifted upwards and shark fin like teeth in the bobbins edge catches stops in the housing of the bobbin, preventing it from turning anymore

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