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Free Weekend at Seven Sisters?


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Round 5 of the AWDC Scorpion Racing Challenge Trophy will be held at Walter's Arena (aka Seven Sisters) on August 13.

Once again we are inviting any interested parties to come and help with marshalling the event.

What's in it for you?

Free access Sat & Sun

Free Camping on site

Free Barbeque on Sat night

Toilet on site

What do we want from you?

Marshalling & Observing the event on Sunday

We run a strict rota which means you are free to roam the site as long as you are at Special Stages at designated times

Help clearing the equipment from the site when the event has finished

Only competitors and marshals will be allowed vehicle access to the site so if you are planning to come and spectate this is the best way to ensure you will see all the action and can get around easily.

If you are interested please PM me

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7S for free? I'll be there!

I did this marshalling last time and it was a really good relaxed weekend, plenty of high-speed lunacy from the racers and marshalling only required me to wave a yellow flag when anyone broke down! Free BBQ and all-day playing on Saturday sound like a good balance to me.

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John you do realise this is a low speed lunacy event and not a high speed one :rolleyes:

Neil, are there places left for competitors or is the event full?

Still places available - entries close 1st Aug

Email me at challenge@awdc.co.uk if you want the paperwork

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