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Well its not for a land rover but a project in my mates SJ but i know there are some good electricians out there, So here is what we are in the process of doing we are fitting a Vitara 1.6 engine into a sj413 and have come a little stuck as there are a large number of wires to the ecu, so out of experience which is the best way to do it i have done some electronics but am a little overfaced by this. I have a erge to just cut the wires and start again, tracing back from the wiring diagrams, but is there a better way. All we have at the moment is the haynes wiring diagram which is useless and this page.


thanks for any help

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Guest diesel_jim

If you don't really know what your doing with electronics, then my suggestion would be either a) pay an auto electrician to sort it out, or B) just leave the redundant wires in the loom.

Buy plenty of black electricians tape, and just re-bind the old loom so that you tape up all the unused wires. that way it'll stay neat and you won't have stray wires flapping in the wind.

The 3.9 14CUX loom has extra wires for the air con and heated front screen (why? in the engine loom? :huh: ), but when i installed one into my 90, i just left them in place, eventhough i'm an electronics engineer at work, i just figured "why bother" and left the extra wires in place.

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heated seats in the engine ECU probably to prevent them running if the engine is off. they use a lot of current after all.

maybe worth trying www.difflock.com, i know there is a lot of suzuki bods there who have put vit lumps in SJs. might even be something already in the archive.

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Leave the stray ones in but check if they prefer to be grounded, hanging free, or connected to +12v in "normal" operation, things like that can catch you out. And what everyone else said - if you don't know how it works either learn/work it out, or leave well alone! :P

My vote would be MegaSquirt but then I'm biased :ph34r:

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