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Sadly I have to close Rusper site today due to legal reason placed upon the landowner.

The site will not reopen unless the restiction is lifted.

thanks to those who have enjoyed the site.

look forward to seeing some of you at other sites


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So wot happended ?

12x events normally per year allowed without "Planning" Pwermission ?

Wot happended then ?


28 Non speed events per year, 14 if you hold speed events, interested to know what's gone wrong. Is it a SSI site?


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Trouble with Rusper is that the locals have too much money and are too used to getting things their own way. I bet they have moved on the nuisence asect of it - noise or traffic. I hope they get a second runway at Gatwick now with 24h flying. :(:angry:


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Sorry to hear the bad news Lawrence.

It's a shame when a site is closed due to local influence when so much work is put into getting it going.

I know Lawrence has put in a lot of effort and money, it's a shame those who knock someone for

trying don't realise what organisers have to go through.

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