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2002 style Defender dash panel

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Saw this in LRE Aug 2006 issue on page 110 -ShopWindow, & thought you guys/girls would be interested


Defender Dash

for all 90/110/130 upto 2002, similar to the genuine LR 2002 on Td5 part. :i-m_so_happy:

just converted the introductory price of 245usd to gbp with www.xe.com works out at

245.00 USD United States Dollars = 133.469 GBP United Kingdom Pounds

1 USD = 0.544771 GBP 1 GBP = 1.83563 USD = exchange rates.

If you go to the Dash website, they make a lovely unit for about £62.50 delivered. It is black plastic with loads of space to fit the dials. switches, CD and CB where ever you want.


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ive drawn up a few diagrams and have a vaguely good idea of what im doing-done a fair few speakers, etc! but i did wonder, if your fitting an ammeter, which one to get. presumably to the Ah rating of your battery? all i seem to find is 30 or 60 amp ones.

also, im going to redo my fuses to blades, fit the lucas switch to a simple on off throw, etc. is it worth fitting a few extra switchs and wire them in to the fuses at the same time-im geussing its mighty annoying 3 weeks down the line when you go "oooooo thats nice and shiney" and then have to pull it all back out ;)

any advice on them is gratefully recieved-ive spent the evening reading this and other forums! and the web.


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don't use a ammeter fit a voltmeter also known as a battery condition indicator instead.

i was going to fit a voltmeter anyway! why do people fit ammeters then- i presumed it was to show how much you were drawing for winching, etc?

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ammeters were used years ago in dynamo fitted vehicle to show the charge rate, they won't last long on a alternator fitted vehicle as the charge would most likely damaged the ammeter & the wiring to feed the gauge needs to be pretty thick.

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