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Posting Pictures - Guidance and Help !

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Hi and welcome to the Tools 'n Fabrication Forum.

If you are unsure about posting pictures in this (and other LR4x4.com forums) this is Essential Reading - Please :D

Posting HUGE unedited pics, means that not only will the picture not fit on the screen - so we can't see it (essential and annoying at the same time),....... it will also be a HUGE file size meaning those of us with low speed broadband - or worse still 'dial up' - will find the will to live slipping away whilst the pixels slowly appear..... :(

So, here is A simple guide to posting photographs n pics on this forum ...

In order to insert an image as part of a post on here you need to host it on the Web somewhere, you can't upload it directly to your post.

The forum has a 'gallery' where you can upload images, or if you have personal web space from your ISP then you can store it there.

If you don't, you can set up a free account with one of several photo hosting sites. One of the favourites is PhotoBucket a free and easy to use site which supports not only JPEG images but also animated GIF's if you want a 'avatar'. I use Photobucket, and it can be found by going to :

Click just on the link below

http://www.photobucket.com/ ................and register for a free account.....

To upload and post pics into this forum (1st part also to use the forums free gallery) :

1. To Use the forum gallery to post a pic click the :

'My Controls' link at the top right of the page,

then under Invision Gallery click 'Your Albums'.

Create an album then pick upload image from the Controls dropdown and fill in the form.

You can then pick View from the same dropdown to go into your gallery and see all the images.

You can create multiple galleries to group related images together.

2. Once you have an image hosted, you should then 'insert' the pic as follows:

- Make sure the cursor is in the right place for where you want the image to appear in your post

- Click the "IMG" button just above the window where you are typing your post, a User Prompt will appear (a picture of a tree with the words 'insert image' appears when you hover over it)

- Type (or paste) the URL of your image file given by Photobucket or forum gallery and click OK.

If you don't know the URL of your image, right click on it and select Properties - most browsers also have a Copy Image Location option or similar.

- The forum software will then enter an IMG tag in your text which will appear as the graphic when previewed - if you want to preview it then click "Preview Post" below the editing window.

And how to make pics from you camera smaller at the click of a mouse with free software :

PLEASE do not post pictures straight out of your digital camera ! - they are HUGE ....both visually ....and file sizes

The preferred image size is no bigger than 600x450, PLEASE take pity on those who have to sit for on dialup waiting for images to download !

Photos can be resized in most popular paint programs such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements.


If you have Windows XP you can download the XP PowerToy Image Resizer to allow easy image resizing with just a couple of mouse clicks - so no excuses

Go to :

Again, just click on the link below:


Read and download this free Microsoft Software, there are instructions for use on the page too :)

Once loaded, right click on the icon of your pic on your PC, and your see "Resize" as a new option - select 600x450 and a new 'smaller resized' and slightly renamed file is ADDED to your PC

This can then be used to upload as per 1st instructions.

This post will remain sticky until hell freezes over.

Nige & Mark

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