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Bridging Ladders/waffles


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The Grating company who either supply Tracmat or are Tracmat on the side; there is some relation between the 2 companies. They will do *big* sheets, different colours, finishes (gritted etc:) and cut to whatever size you want.

It may be chepaer to buy a big sheet and cut it yourself but glassfibre stuff is not nice to saw.

Oh, and cheapest too (beware of similar products as they may not be as thick)


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Mine are from Fiber Grate they make them (remember I'm a construction manager) for the construction industry for plant room floors

1600 x 500 ish x 25mm

I bought ten set some three years ago but they were about £70 ish a set but that was cheap for them then

The Dakar freelander came with Carbon fiber sand ladders there the dog's B) B) B)

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