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Injector removal

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Injector removal on 200 or 300Tdi engines.

OK, so you’ve got some new injectors to install, and the old ones just won’t budge?

I had this on the engine I’m building up in my garage, also on my 90 when I changed them last year, they just wouldn’t budge an inch (or a millimeter!)

Even after soaking them in WD40 and trying to turn them with a spanner they wouldn’t shift.

The tool you need is a slide hammer. This is basically a shaft, about 12~15mm diameter, with a large weight, about 3lb or so, that can slide up and down. There is a threaded end and the other end has a large flange bit to stop the weight coming off.

On the threaded end you can attach a variety of things, like a wheel bearing puller, a “dent puller”, a pair of mole grips, or whatever…

In this case, you need to attach the injectors….

So, easiest (and only way!) is to get a nut that fits the thread on the injectors (on the 300Tdi it’s M12x1.5) and one that fits the end of the slide hammer.


These need joining together… with a welder. Blue tack just won’t hack it I’m afraid.


after welding:


Once you’ve made the adaptor, simply screw it to the slide hammer, then onto the stuck injector, then pummel away!


pummeling! :


Mine wouldn’t move even after this, and luckily I have the engine mounted on a movable frame, so I could turn it 180 degrees so that I was sliding the weight “downwards”, and had the added benefit of gravity helping me. This way, the injectors came straight out.


As you can see by the state of them, there was a fair bit of rust around them. The new ones will obviously be clean, and a liberal coating of copper-slip might help, but as they don’t get changed that often, I’d imagine that the anti-seize compound will be dried out/jetwashed out before it has any chance to actually do it’s job.


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